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drawingBay Street Los AngelesBay Street Los Angeles.txt
From Oct 2014 to March 2015 These are the only two remaining small analog mixed media works that were documented from the duration of the Bay Street Studio. The other work created in Los Angeles was shipped to France where I'm continuing to work on it.
Creature-positives.pngCreature-negatives.pngParis SetParis Set.txt
Paris Set is a group of mixed media drawings on Arches vellum. From Dec 2015 to January 2016 There are 6 drawings in this set so far. Since I don't have a studio at the moment, I'm working on smaller (fits on a desk) work. These images/pages are at most 22x16 inches.
12/22/2015 "Sauche" drawing. The title doesn't mean anything in any language. First experiment in just drawing since LA. What originally started out as a monochrome set of experiments quickly changed after this point. From the last year of larger mixed media pieces, too much was discovered about color to stay in line-color only.
12/15/2015 "Auspice Triptych" mixed media and collage on Arches vellum 3 Panels, 9x10.5in each. [red dot]
12/15/2015 "Auspice Triptych Part" approx 7x7in. This was originally a test-page for some collage techniques. It then became a sub-piece to accompany the "Auspice" triptych (see below). [red dot]
1/1/2016 "LUX" mixed media and collage on Arches vellum 30x20in [red dot]
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