Code: Particles and Wind essay Basic Vanilla JavaScript and Three.js test.The intention is to model the influence of a vector(wind) on a population of markers.In this example, a matrix of sectors is used to convey the force of the vector; the sectors form a shell that the the particles respond to in turn. Make sure to mess with the Code: Particles and Wind essay

Code: Three.js Experiment (data-driven) This is a visualization of some data a friend gave me. The data represents the water temperature on the coast near Marseille, France for a few months in 1999. The process involved taking several megabytes of netCDF data, breaking its tables up into individual CSV files, using python to restructure the data in a Code: Three.js Experiment (data-driven)

Code: Three.js Traversible Nodes

A long time ago I took a stab at making my own small js library for WebGL development. That taught me a ton but in this modern world, the people developing three.js vastly surpass in their time what you can roll on your own in yours. They made all the classes. I toyed with three.js Code: Three.js Traversible Nodes