Year: 2023

UPDATE: CV and Autobiography

Hello. Been a while. Are you hiring? I’ve been reworking my CV over at, a domain that’s been with me for a long time. I’m looking for new projects here in France and/or the US and I’m open to discover what you’re up to. I’ve been working specifically in the realm of data-modeling for UPDATE: CV and Autobiography

Code: Current Electron Forecast

A 3d model of the CTIPE TOTAL ELECTRON CONTENT FORECAST by NOAA and the NWS OPEN the project.( Dataset from From the site: The plot illustrates the height integrated electron density (TECU, 1 TECU = 1.e16 electrons/square meter) also called Vertical Total Electron Content (VTEC), vs latitude (-90 to 90 deg) and longitude (0 Code: Current Electron Forecast

Code: Earth Model w/live Data

OPEN the project.(