“I’m all for natural things but the line between human and ruminant ought not be so blurry.”

—SAC January 27th, 2018


“TFW when one’s strict, controlled and structural gestures consort to reveal themselves as part-time members in an orchestra of highly stylized yet discreet eroticism. #dididothat?!”

—SAC January 14th, 2018


“No enemy is worse than bad advice.”



“Negativity is the enemy of creativity, the more you suffer the less you are going to do in the creative world.”

—David Lynch


“Yeah. the dog is pretty nice. she’s all up in my face but I’m allergic so it’s all about boundary management.”

—SAC January 7th, 2018


“I’ve been treading trenches to the street and back…it’s only a 10” trench but it fits the dog ok. Have a decent night at the pub…I can’t wait until my mouth is straight enough to go to the pub!!! Ciders on me next time.”

—SAC January 6th, 2018

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