RESIST Exposition at Soapbox Arts

The RESIST exposition happened just after my work on the THREADING project.

Here is the artist’s statement from RESIST:

This work was made between mid-February and mid-April of 2021. I spent the previous year building a system that can draw mathematically programmed information (known as a Plotter). My intent was to open my access to numerically derived marks to expand the vocabulary of my visual conversations. With experience in programming and design, I’ve been looking for ways to bring those types of marks and content to my more traditional mixed-media approaches. I’ve explored collage and screen-printing and they were almost a correct way to blend the methods, but now I can print directly on the surfaces; iteratively as the work progresses.

I like technical things, but used in a way that questions their nature while using their hard edges and precision to evoke something softer and more ephemeral. While the marks are rigorously controlled, the visual relationships between them in concert eclipses what I can imagine in advance.

The name of this show speaks to the challenges of getting the result you’re after and resisting methods that, while facile, fall short of the actual intent. Having moved a small universe of energy building a system to make the marks I want, this group inherits a tone of emotional release and optimism. A sign of the times. Discovery ensues.

Soapbox Arts, Burlington, VT, USA.

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