Hello. I thought it would be good to post something not project-related.
I live in Marseille, France now. I’ve been here since October 2021 and I’m quickly making a habit of it.
Since I arrived, I’ve been taking some time to learn new things in the world of programming and I’ve quickly remembered why I simultaneously love and loathe this kind of work. It’s not artmaking, yet, but as time moves forward my hope is to make a new studio here for that physical work. In the interim I hope you’ll check out the other snacks. Thank you and all the best, SAC.


  • Jonny says:

    Scotty – I thought of you and thought I’d look you up. I hope you’re well. France! My sister Sarah bought a house in France. Maybe we could meet sometime!

    • SAC says:

      _-man-guy! Nice to get a Chick-in. Here we are. Hope you’re doing well! Do send a line to same addy as usual sac.673 at the gmail. Best, SAC

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