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The most essential creative component of the work in this review is drawing. Line and structure underpin all of my work. The desire for very literal, linear and crisp shapes has led me to hybridize the granular structure available in drawing, with the usage of tone and color throughout the composition incorporating a variety of painting and collage techniques. My background in graphic design and printmaking has a strong influence on the visual aspect of my work. These pieces represent a departure from the minutiae of that mostly digital process and its limitations. I’m encouraged by working on a larger scale than can be achieved in most print processes because it allows for the viewer to relax into the space(s) of the work, creating a more inviting dialogue. While offering greater depth and interaction, these pieces still invoke the search for order and harmony between disparate elements that is a hallmark of my design work. I use drawing as an armature. Critical points in that armature are elaborated upon through the use of smaller shapes. In this work, the shapes have little subtlety in and of themselves but instead work in concert to reveal visual relationships throughout the picture plane. In development there are often parts of the composition that become very dense, sometimes resulting in individual forms asserting themselves. Focusing on a non-figurative approach, I find myself exploring the mutability of those objects. There is usually a way to make the most assertive forms part of the greater array as opposed to having the work become about them. In life, there are often aspects of one's whole experience that seek to dominate. I think of these aspects as a kind of imposition. The work is a suspension or static view of an ongoing, charged and dynamic interaction based on finding harmony and beauty in those tensions rather than on conquering them. I seek to invite the viewer to find individual meaning—preferably a sense of unity in multiplicity, balance and visual harmony. It is my hope that in this work you will experience the interplay of these sometimes challenging forms as a rich, complex and satisfying whole. Stand clear of the closing doors please. —SAC
Welcome. This has mixed-media artwork by artist Scott André Campbell (SAC), age 43, currently living in France (Orléans). Other types of creative work can be accessed at the author's sister-site, (link). It has to be said that taking pictures of this work is a great compromise of quality, as is putting this (digitized) content on the internet. Nonetheless, please enjoy this work and feel free to contact me at sac(at) with any questions or comments.
process.pngcurrent workcurrent work.txt
The most recent publicly shared examples of mixed-media work.
Untitled (Flight) 2014 Mixed media on hollow-core door 80x30in For Sale. Inquiries can be sent to sac.673(at)
Tachycardia 2008 Mixed-media on wood panel, cradled 100x56in 2 panels measuring 48x56in, 4in gap Previously displayed at Art Basel Miami in Fall 2015. Currently on Display at, 1 Howard St. Burlington, VT. For Sale. Inquiries can be sent to sac.673(at)
previous workprevious work.txt
With the exception of "Wake in Twilight" (see below), all of this work was created in Burlington, Vermont at my studio there at the Hood Factory. This is the best work from my time in that studio from 2000 to 2012. The work in this section has already been sold.
Wake in Twilight 2015 Mixed media on wood panel. 3in cradle. 32x50in Badolato Private Collection [red dot]
Paris à Genève 2005 Mixed-media on paper laminated to 3/4" pine panel 35x9in [red dot]
COM 2002 Mixed-Media on Hollow-Core Door. 80x30 in [red dot] Dealer Dot Com private Collection.
Radius Diptych 2012 Mixed-Media on Wood-Panel, cradled. 86x48in 2 panels each 41x48in, 4in gap [red dot]
Center Street 2006 Mixed media on hollow-core door 76x18in Furchgott-Sourdiffe Private Collection [red dot]
Phased Diptych 2013 Mixed-Media on Wood-Panel, cradled. 70x36.25in Panel 1: 35x36.25in, Panel 2: 30x36.25in, 5in gap [red dot]
Any Major Dude Will Tell You 2006 Mixed-media on 3/4" pine wood panel. 54.5x11in Sold by Lineage Gallery to private buyer. [red dot]
Ribbon Bobbin Spool 2013 Mixed-Media on Wood-Panel, cradled. 96x48in Part of the Andrew R Glancy fine-art collection. [red dot]
CODEX MECHANICA Triptych 2004-2013 Mixed-Media 162x48in Three panels each measuring 50in x 48in, 4in gap [red dot] This serial composition started as a work on 60lb. paper which was laminated using archival methods to a wood panel substrate at an early stage of development. The work on paper was primarily graphite and sparse pigment-washes. After lamination, a variety of layers were applied to the surface including, collage, masking and filling, acrylic and gouache paints, graphite, water-soluble colored pencil, dry-pigment applications and PH-neutral masking tape.
Univers/Veldst 2000 Mixed media on wood panel, cradled 96*48in M Sipe Jr. Private Collection [red dot]
Chemistry 2008-2011 Mixed-Media on Wood-Panel, cradled. 90x37in [red dot]
Untitled 2000 Mixed media on wood panel, cradled 48x77in [red dot]
Der Bleep 2014 Acrylic on wood panel, cradled 6x6in [red dot]
drawingBay Street Los AngelesBay Street Los Angeles.txt
From Oct 2014 to March 2015 These are the only two remaining small analog mixed media works that were documented from the duration of the Bay Street Studio. The other work created in Los Angeles was shipped to France where I'm continuing to work on it.
Creature-positives.pngCreature-negatives.pngParis SetParis Set.txt
Paris Set is a group of mixed media drawings on Arches vellum. From Dec 2015 to January 2016 There are 6 drawings in this set so far. Since I don't have a studio at the moment, I'm working on smaller (fits on a desk) work. These images/pages are at most 22x16 inches.
12/22/2015 "Sauche" drawing. The title doesn't mean anything in any language. First experiment in just drawing since LA. What originally started out as a monochrome set of experiments quickly changed after this point. From the last year of larger mixed media pieces, too much was discovered about color to stay in line-color only.
12/15/2015 "Auspice Triptych" mixed media and collage on Arches vellum 3 Panels, 9x10.5in each. [red dot]
12/15/2015 "Auspice Triptych Part" approx 7x7in. This was originally a test-page for some collage techniques. It then became a sub-piece to accompany the "Auspice" triptych (see below). [red dot]
1/1/2016 "LUX" mixed media and collage on Arches vellum 30x20in [red dot]
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